Welcome to the Roleplayworldwithmyfriendsyay WikiEdit

Because I can't keep track of just how much is going on, I decided to put together a Wiki that we can edit as our world develops. You can add information about past and current story archs, make pages for your characters as a reference, and post objects and artifacts to be used in the future.

This contains information from the NiGHTs series, as well as many Sonic games. Please note that what few canon characters there are have been modified and tweaked to fit the story, and are therefore NOT an accurate reprisentation of their actual roles in the games. This is purely fan-made. If you wish to find a canon Wiki on NiGHTs or Sonic , click their links.

Describe your topicEdit

This is going to act as a page to post information about the roleplay world for all involved to access. 'Nuff said.

Latest activityEdit

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