Dream Gate

The dream Gate



The 'Night Realm' refers to everything and anything located in the realm of dreams.

The Night Realm is as vast and varied as our universe. Most of it's inhabitants are immortal, and live in their own designated area.

Dream GateEdit

The Dream Gate is where Visitors commonly start when entering the Night Realm. It leads in to Nightopia, the 'good' side of the Night Realm.


There are many parts of Nightmare yet to be explored. Nightmare is often called 'the Land of Fears'. Nightmare is often populated by a race known as the Nightmarens, all of which live under the rule of the Wizeman.

There are many different parts of Nightmare. Some are lifeless and desolate, others are lively and chaotic. The most inhabited place in Nightmare is generally a mix between the two. The buildings are very often a cross between midieval towers and cricus tents, sometimes carrying strange patterns like stripes and checkers, of which the colors are often very muted.


Nightmare is commonly seen as a swirling black abyss from Nightopia. The 'black sea' is only a thick layer of smoke, commonly either grey or black on the surface, and is often mistaken for the sky on Nightmaren ground. The clouds tend to break in to different colors and forms as they get closer to Nightmare. While one cloud may be jet black form above, the cloud directly below could be navy blue and purple.

The actual landscape of Nightmare can be as different and complex as our own. Some areas might be sandy and dry, while others might be swampy and wet. There are more common forms of terrain in Nightmare that are used for buildings and civilization.



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