"And this year's doucebag award goes to..."


"I am the destroyer of all things pure. A devourer of courage. I take all that is good and hopeful and crush it to a fine powder. Do you think you scare me? Do you think I feel challenged by you? Don't flatter yourself..."

The Wizeman is the creator, ruler, and God of Nightmare. He is known to be a ruthless and facist dictator, torturing and killing all those who oppose him. The Wizeman desires to strip all mortals of their ideya, and to become more and more powerful than he already is.


The Wizeman is deviod of all emotion, never so much as smiling or glaring to express how he feels. It is often speculated that he has none, that he can never feel sadness or guilt for what he has done. The Wizeman is very much like Kim Jong Il, in that he forces his creations to treat him like a King. Any form of disrespect towards him, large or small, can result in death. The Wizeman craves the power derived from the Ideya, and to become the most powerful being in all of The Night Realm . Other motives are unknown.


The Wizeman's power can refer to his Godly abilities, or political power.

The Wizeman derives his God powers from an energy known as the Ideya. The Ideya can be harnested in almost any way, giving him nearly any ability he can choose. From creating new life, to stimulating all the pain censors in one's body, he can do almost anything. This does not meanhe doesn't have limits.

For example, it takes about six months to build a new power. This means that he can't just zap from ability to ability whenever he chooses. His most used abilities are ones like transforming from his collosal, towering form to that of a Jester - Esque Nightmaren, shooting lightning from his many metallic hands to induce pain in to the disrespectful Nightmarens, and creating

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